Kriszta (my roommate) and I are the only ones who didn’t start our internships today, so we spent the day at the art museum instead! (at Tel Aviv Museum of Art)

Volunteering with puppies today! This is my new friend Nicole. (at SPCA Israel)

I still can’t believe I’m living in such an incredible country. (at Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel טיילת תל אביב)

(via farewell-goodnight)

I love these girls. Our first Shabbos in Israel was great. (at Jaffa Port)

A dream from which I never wish to wake. (at Tel Aviv, Israel)

Today I moved to Tel Aviv, Israel, while back at home my family put down my beloved cat Friendly. I don’t know how to feel because I am so happy, yet so heartbroken.

Leaving Arizona in 28 hours!!!

I have been waiting for this moment for 8 months and I can’t believe it’s actually happening.

I think I might cry when my plane lands in Tel Aviv… I am so elated just thinking about leaving, so I can’t imagine my emotions when I actually get there.

I made a travel blog at if anyone wants to follow my adventures (even though I’ll post them here, too)!!!

Title: XO (Beyonce cover) Artist: John Mayer 43,295 plays

One more week of putting up with ignorant Americans until I’m in a city (and most of the country) that is completely supportive of LGBT’s and women’s rights, along with being progressive on other major political issues such as gun laws and education. 

I. Cannot. Wait.