I’m at home this weekend, basking in the hot Phoenix sun.

It’s also still Passover, so most of my meals seem to incorporate Matzos.

My parents are sending boxes of it back up to school with me, and I’m running out of ideas of what to put on it.

Butter, cream cheese, peanut butter & jelly, tuna. Anyone else (you don’t have to be Jewish!) know what’s good on matzos?

  1. patheticasshole answered: Nutella? Or panut butter? Or nutella AND peanut butter?
  2. peterwsetter answered: Avocado spread with Persian cucumbers
  3. fitin40days answered: cheese and avocado, or avocado alone. It’s delicious. (: and tzatziki on matzos. still hungry during passover tho.
  4. stupidbunny-suit answered: Strawberries!
  5. agentperrykush answered: in brazil we put fruit
  6. frenchd0gblues said: NUTELLA. you look beautiful today, by the way :) but seriously, nutella.
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